What does my session fee cover?

Your session fee covers the shooting and editing time of the photographer, plus the number of digital images that you purchased.  The fee does not include any prints, since each client is unique in their printing needs. 

Do I receive all the images from my session?

During your session many shots are taken of the same pose and set.  The photography uses her professional opinion to pass on only the very best images.  In a one hour session you will typically receive 50 proofs to choose your images from.  Please be assured that you will receive the best of the photographs that are taken.  

Do you offer print packages?

Yes, I do.  So often people get digital images and then never print them.  After your investment in the photographs, it is a shame that they are not beautifully displayed in your home.  If you add on a print package to your session, you will be sure to have what you need to fully appreciate your investment.

When should I book my session?

Newborns should be booked while you are still pregnant since we have a small window to capture the newborn.  I would suggest scheduling at the beginning of your third trimester.  We will schedule your appointment for a week after your due date and can adjust the appointment as needed.  Remember we want to get your little one in to the studio in the first 14 days. 

For other sessions try to book 2 weeks to a month in advance.  For shoots in November and December, I recommend booking 6 weeks out.

If your session will be in-studio, we can book at any time of the day.   If we are doing an outdoor session, we need to schedule early morning or sunset.  Mid-day sun is the most unflattering for portraits and so we avoid that time if possible. 

Where and when do you shoot?

I have an in-home studio or we can shoot at outdoor locations.  The options are limitless.  I recommend in studio for newborns through one year.  Depending on the type of images you want to capture, children can be done in or out doors.  Seniors, engagements and families are best done outdoors. 

As far as time goes, if we are shooting outdoors, I usually schedule about 90 minutes before sunset.  I love that late afternoon light!  Morning sessions are also available and should take place by 9am.    If you are doing an indoor session, they can take place at any time.

What baby milestones should I capture?

During the first year your baby will change dramatically  and there are definitely some special times that you will want to capture. 

Maternity – before your little one even arrives, you want to capture those moments of excited expectation of your little ones arrival

Newborn’s are best documented between 4 and 10 days but no later than 14 days in order to get those curled up, sleepy poses.  I will accept newborn up to 30 days old.  

4 months – when baby is laughing, cooing and pushing up.  We get great on the tummy and holding toes pictures. 

8 months – when baby is sitting on their own, crawling and pulling up and oh so full of personality

12 months – don’t forget the cake smash and first birthday

After 1 year, pictures are usually done around birthdays and holidays.


How long will it take for me to get my images?

Processing time for most sessions is 2 weeks.  Weddings will take 4-6 weeks. 


I am so excited to see my images.  Is there anyway I can see a couple of them before you are done?

Yes, I will post a couple of your pictures on my facebook page so you can see them a little early.  Like my facebook page so you don’t miss them.  www.facebook.com/sherrylynnphotos.com


How will I receive my images?

Once completed, your images will be uploaded to a private, online gallery.  You will be able to download the images to your computer from there.  There will also be a print release included so you can print your photographs.  I do recommend getting your prints through my professional lab.  They are very reasonably priced with a great quality.  I have no control over the quality of the printing if they are printed elsewhere.


What should I wear to my session?

What you wear to your session plays a big part in the success of your finished portraits. Taking some extra time to plan out the attire will be well worth the effort.

Newborns are best photographed in their natural self.  I will have plenty of wraps, hats, bows and blankets.

Toddlers and children – the clothes really make the picture.  Take time to pick out something special for them – bright and colorful or vintage looking are always fun.

Seniors – the sky’s the limit.  You should have the clothing match your personality.  Be sure to bring several outfits  that represent different parts of you.

Families – Coordinating is the key.  Don’t be matchy-matchy but coordinate your colors with the same color tones.  Keep it simple. Avoid lots of patterns, busy prints and geometric designs, as well as large brand logos.    Textures and layers photograph beautifully so be sure to include these in your style choices. 

Maternity – Simple is better because it is all about the belly.  If you are taking these with your partner, make sure that the two of you don’t blend together.  Have coordinating clothes but not the same black or white.  I have a maternity gown closet that is available to my clients.  


What payment types do you accept?

Cash or check may be paid during your session.  I also accept Zelle, Venmo and PayPal.