Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks of life with 5-10 days being ideal.  During this time it is easier to get womb like poses, all sleepy and curled up.  However, I will photography newborns up to 30 days old.  Newborn sessions take place in my home studio where I have a room full of props, hats and backdrops to use.  I recommend scheduling your session about a month before you are due.  I will block off time for you around your due date and we will adjust as necessary.  This will guarantee you a spot.  I hate to turn away any newborns!

Newborns are best photographed in their beautiful bare skin and simple wraps.  I have hats, bows, wraps, blankets and  other accessories that we can use during the shoot.  There is no need for you to bring anything but your beautiful baby.

Before you leave home, try to keep your baby awake for a while before you leave.   Right before you leave, feed your baby.  They will probably get into a good sleep in the car and will be ready to go once you arrive.  If not, we will feed again once you arrive.  Bring bottles and a newborn pacifier. Forget about that feeding schedule for these couple of hours, because once again it will be worth it for the beautiful photographs that we will get.   The same goes for the pacifier.  Even if you are not planning on using one, it will help in soothing during the shoot.  I will be trying to keep your baby asleep while moving them in and out of objects and poses for several hours.  The pacifier and bottles keep them sleepy and content during this process.  Dress baby in loose fitting clothes that will come off easily without waking your little one - those little sleepers with snaps or zippers are great.  Please nothing that has to be taken off over their head.   If they are asleep this will allow us to undress them without waking.   

At your newborn session, we will follow baby’s schedule and will take breaks as needed to feed and soothe. Sessions are very casual and relaxed. The session will probably last around 2 hours.  Alot of time will  be spent feeding and soothing in order to have your precious newborn ready for their perfect session.  It is a slow process at times but we are prepared for that.   I want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. 

Please keep in mind that the room will be kept warm at around 80F to keep your baby warm and comfortable. With that in mind, please wear something comfortable.   If you are wanting some family poses, I suggest you wear very simple clothing.   Neutral colors are great.   Stay away from logo shirts or large prints.  If siblings are being photographed with baby have them in neutral colors, no logos, cartoons or writing on the shirt.   

If you have something special you would like done or a particular prop you would like used, please let me know in advance so that I will have everything ready to go.  My pinterest board has all kinds of ideas.  

You can see the different color palettes that can be used at

Some of the newborn props that I have can be seen here

I look forward to spending this special time with you.